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DJ Carolina X Interview: 2023 Accolades, Brand Deals, Top Carolina Artists + More

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DJ Carolina X, real name Nathaniel Perkins, is an acclaimed DJ and producer based in the Carolina(s)! In October 2022, we had the chance to chop it up with X for an exclusive interview, and now we’re circling back for an update on how he’s been since.
With a career spanning over 18 months, X is the official DJ of the Charlotte Knights (baseball), the brand ambassador of Villon France Alcohol, and the DJ for 102.5 The Block and 105.3 R&B radio stations. Other notable work includes iHeart RadioWWE, the Charlotte Hornets, along with working with major artists such as Future, Meek Mill, Lil Baby and 21 Savage, just to name a few.
In our new interview with X, he speaks on his impressive 2023, new brand deals, names the top 10 artists of the Carolinas and much more.
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Q: How was your work in 2023 since our last interview?
X: “No pun intended but 2023 was my ‘Jordan’ year. I [literally] took no days off [that year]. I accomplished so much, including locking in another radio station under my belt, traveling and performing in multiple states, and DJing for the first time in Japan. That was on my bucket list for a long time. I also set in motion a liquor endorsement with Sovereign brands, the company who sponsors Belair liquor.
Q: Speaking of your brand endorsement, how did you link up with Villon France?
X: “I was in talks for a couple of months with CEO Brett Berish of Sovereign Brands. He’s worked with a lot of major names in the industry with his Belair brand and now [he] started up Villon, a smooth cognac that took over recently. He reached out to be one of the many brand ambassadors to sponsor the drink. It was a dream come true for me to do this kind of work outside of being a DJ. Key brand ambassadors include Lil Wayne , DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, and a few others.”
Q: Becoming a DJ has opened a lot of doors for you. Has there been any work that stood out for you?
X: “When I decided to be a DJ, in order for me to stand out from the rest, I had to build relationships and travel more. The highlights I’ve had in my career included going on my first tour with South Coast Music Group, Toosii, and Zay The Goat. I visited a lot of major cities for the first time thanks to them. Another, was performing my first festival in South Padre Island Texas during Spring Break. That was the only time I felt like a headliner at a show. And last.. performing in Okinawa, Japan. That was an incredible experience!
Q: Speaking of artists, being that you are from the Carolinas’ —  are there any artists you see potential as becoming the next up?
X: “There is a lot of talent in the Carolinas’.. so it’s kind of hard narrowing them down. But here would be my top 10, in no particular order of course:
Trap Dickey
Tip Teezy
Zay The Goat
Anella Herim
Kuzco Da Foo
Dooley Da Don
Chino Dolla
There are a lot more in the lineup but these are those that stand out to me currently as far as motion is concerned.”

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