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Meet DJ Carolina X Acclaimed Carolina Based DJ & Producer

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Meet DJ Carolina X, real name Nathaniel Perkins. An acclaimed DJ and producer based in the Carolina(s)!

Having started his career at the young age of 18 as a party promoter, he specialized in promoting parties all over his City, both high school and college events. Soon after, X studied to learn the history of djing, and also began his journey for his Mass Communications degree at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina. By working just a few small house gigs and college parties, X’s popularity then propelled him into the radio industry.

With now 16 years under his belt, Nathaniel has worked for multiple radio stations in different markets, such as South Carolina, Kentucky, Texas, Virginia, and now, 102.5 The Block in Charlotte, North Carolina. He then had the opportunity to go on a 26-City tour as the official DJ of Social Currency Enterprises artist Zay The Goat. The long list of celebrity events he has touched is incredible. He has ranged from club events, private events, concerts, and festivals.

DJ Carolina X also specializes in being involved with his community and creating experiences with the youth at numerous high schools. With his new home in Charlotte, Nathaniel is excited to showcase his skills and work ethnic along with his new family on The Block by providing an avenue for aspiring Carolina artist on the New Carolina Spotlight. With the help of New Carolina’s DJ B Eazy and 102.5 The Block’s Cam Cooper, X dives into the scene to find the best unheard talents in the Carolinas. You can hear DJ Carolina X weekdays at 5pm for his Block Party Mixshow on 102.5 The Block.

With so much accomplished already, you know we had to highlight and speak with X on ThisIs50! He speaks on both his role as dj and producer, future plans, his new single “Show Biz” with TipTeezyBTE, and much more.

Check out the full read below and be sure to watch “Show Biz” after the jump as well!

How long have you been DJing and producing?
X: “I started back in 2006… so about 16 years in the game now. I took a break from producing in 2010 to focus on becoming a DJ. I then did high school, college and nightlife events up until recently. When the Pandemic hit in 2020, I got back into producing.”

Which of the two sports (dj vs producer) do you like better?
X: “They are both neck in neck for me but I’ll give the slight edge to DJing. Being a DJ has opened so many doors and opportunities for me. I have met so many major artists and tastemakers in the industry based on that side of my work alone.”

“Show Biz” by TipTeezyBTE is your latest drop via production. Tell us more about that record and how it came about.
X: “I’ve known Tip Teezy for about 2 years now. I was introduced to him by my partner Yung Boss who is also his manager. It was just a spur of the moment… we linked in the studio and he was just shopping through some of my beats and chose the one you hear in the song because of the 808 patterns. He said they hit differently from anything he had heard before. I was blessed to have him and his creativity, for not only the record itself, but video and the rollout for it. It’s one of the hardest records he has on his new project ‘Big Gator 2’! Go tune in!”

How was it working with TipTeezyBTE?
X: “The thing I rock with Tip Teezy the most is that he’s very open to ideas and critique. He listens and is equally creative. Yes… his flow and cadence on records are phenomenal but he’s also a forward thinker when it comes to business.”

Who are some other artists you’ve had the pleasure of working with so far? Who are you planning on working with soon?
X: DJing wise; Lil Baby, Future, Blacc Zacc, Latto, Dababy, Post Malone, Kodak Black, etc. Producer wise; I’ve worked with mainly Carolina artists like Zay The Goat, Austin Semo, NFL Nique, Shawn Scrilla, Mary Mack, BWS Sosaa, LongLiveWoulf, Famous Richie, and Rad Bluebillz. I really want to work with more major artists in the future under the production tip. I want to be the next big producer out of the Carolinas.”

What do you hope to accomplish for the Carolina music scene?
X: “I want to be a major staple when it comes to the Carolina music scene. When you mention South or North Carolina, I want them to mention my name as well. I want to build a solid foundation and educate the Carolina artist on how to make it in the industry because we definitely have the talent to do so.”

What can fans expect from DJ Carolina X to close out the year?
X: “More songs are about to be released that has my production.. so you’ll be hearing my Tag sooner than later. As for DJing… I am taking a break because I just had my first child so I’m focused on fatherhood for the rest of the year.”

Can you share any 2023 plans you might have set in motion already?
X: “I have HUGE plans for 2023! That will involve more work with the Charlotte Hornets (NBA) .. and I will be going back on tour with Zay The Goat, Austin Semo, and Tip Teezy. 2023 will be my biggest year. Believe that!”


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