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Nayan Raina The Sky Is the Limit

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Many people believe that success is achieved when they have met all their goals. That is not entirely true because the most successful individuals stay consistent and dedicated to their work, trying to gain more extraordinary things and setting new goals every step of the way. Success is addictive, and it only comes to those ready to take risks, fight specific challenges, and evolve. Even after failing repeatedly, one gets to learn a lot because failure is one step towards success. An example of this can be taken from the life of a successful singer/ SONGWRITER Nayan Raina who is making strides in the music industry, winning hearts with his songs. Raina has dedicated his life to music, perfecting his skills and becoming a sensational artist. After moving to the US from India in 1995, the artist graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, while his love for music kept increasing. Soon, he auditioned for America’s Got Talent, where he was critiqued by Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and David Hasselhoff. Even though he did not make it to the next round, he was well aware of the fact that he could go to places with his music.

The Art of Exploring Different Genres

Featured on KISS FM, the first single BUTTER, produced by John Ho, a major label record producer was a hit. One of the many reasons he felt so confident in his music was that he got appreciated for his debut single, motivating him to come up with some unique musical content. Nayan believes that the sky is the limit and that there are many possibilities in life. Nayan’s soulful music is relatable and easy to sing along with simple lyrics, and that’s one reason why he’s making strides in the music world. Growing up listening to legends like Michael Jackson, Prince and Freddie Mercury, followed by R&B legends like Keith Sweat, Usher and Chris Brown ; then John Legend, the Weeknd and Sam Smith.. Nayan’s blessed to get his ears trained listening to all kind of sounds from different eras.. He definitely knows what good music sounds like. Regardless of his love for these musicians, he’s taken a path that describes his own style.. which is telling a story.. that’s what makes his music extremely visually inspired.

The music industry is quite competitive, and making it all the way to the top takes hard work, dedication and time. When his parents passed away back to back in 2017 and 2018, he was devastated and took a short break, trying to heal from the loss. In this time period, he reflected on his life and tried to strategize his next move. He wanted to do something revolutionary with his skills and add value to his fans’ lives. While being on a journey to explore greater things in life, the Indian artist is experimenting with different music genres. Every genre is distinct and adds something unique to a person’s life. It seems like Raina has decided to create a diverse fan base where music lovers unite to enjoy his songs. While Butter was purely an RnB HIP HOP song, his EP album is a complete package with tunes from every genre. Streaming worldwide and making a solid online presence, ‘BESAME’ is a Reggaeton dance/club banger that makes people want to dance to the mesmerizing Latin beats. Not only that, but he also released another song named ‘Phone’ that attracted many POP and Hip-Hop lovers towards his music. A great artist knows exactly what his audience wants, and it can be said that Raina is trying to win the hearts of every individual who shares a similar love for music. His EP album also includes two other unique songs, ‘Closer,’ a romantic RnB duet and ‘Sex Fiend,’ a Rock /Pop banger. Nayan’s EP album is refreshing and acts as a portfolio of outstanding work compiled together. In addition to this, he has also made his presence felt in his hot music video, showing the world that he’s a versatile individual who cannot be stopped. Establishing his name in the world of music, Raina has also been invited to perform at the Conga Room, House of Blues and the World famous spot Whisky a Go Go. When people listen to his songs, they also explore different genres and fall in love with music again and again. Nayan is viewed as an inspiration for many people trying their best to overcome the fear of failure. His versatile skills and positive attitude towards life show that he has a long way to go because he certainly is unstoppable.

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