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New York drill artist NiiKo New Single “Figures”

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Drill artist NiiKo has released his new single, ‘Figures,’ offering a solid start to 2024. 


The artist, who hails from Batavia in New York state, was born Ryan Francesco DiMartino. He was raised in what he describes as a traditional Italian American household, which significantly impacted his childhood experience. 


Growing up, he put sports before all else and didn’t initially turn to music. DiMartino showed a remarkable flair for baseball and eventually got a scholarship to play college baseball in Florida. But, after suffering a devastating injury, his dreams of being a professional sportsman were shattered. 


For a long time after this, he wasn’t sure what to do with himself or his life’s purpose. He said that he lost a couple of years by “getting involved with the wrong people, constantly partying and doing drugs, working the same boring job.” 


And while life felt directionless for some time, these dark moments ultimately inspired DiMartino to turn to music. A crystallizing moment came one night when he was hanging with a friend and listening to different songs. Over an instrumental beat, DiMartino just started spitting and freestyling from the heart. He was letting loose about all the anger and frustration he’d built over the last few years and laying it all down in incisive bars. 


Cut to a few days later and – encouraged by his friend’s positive reaction to his freestyle – DiMartino (now operating as NiiKo) started recording some of the lyrics he had rattling around. He says that his music hones in on a “melodic drill style” – and it can be both intensely dark and inspirational. NiiKo likes that complexity, as it means his lyrics can stay sharp and have an edge to them no matter what. 


NiiKo’s latest single, ‘Figures,’ showcases how good he can be at reveling in the complex web of his thoughts and emotions. The song’s chorus lays down how NiiKo wants to focus on figures – stream figures, bank figures, etc. – but that he’s been “caught up twisting fingers.” He’s simultaneously aggressive and forward-focused; he’s also his enemy and best motivator. 


NiiKo takes you through the rapid-fire two-and-half minutes of ‘Figures.’ He sheds off all the people around him who have been weighing him down, the ones who “wouldn’t understand what it means to get richer,” then he offers some sound advice to both himself and his listeners: “Take steps, keep your head up, stay moving, get your bread up. I ain’t got time to rest up.”


It all makes for exhilarating listening. As a bonus, NiiKo’s fans won’t have to wait long before his next track drops. The drill artist’s next single, ‘Perfect Timing,’ will be released on March 8. Predict a big year for him….

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