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Victoria’s Secret High-Level Software: Merging Tech and Hip-Hop in “WhnnatestapassBillGates”

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In the ever-evolving world of music, a new artist is breaking barriers, combining the realms of technology and hip-hop in a unique fusion. Victoria’s Secret High-Level Software, a real-life software engineer, computer scientist, and technologist, has turned the tables, bringing a fresh perspective to hip-hop music.

The artist’s latest freestyle, “WhnnatestapassBillGates,” is not just a song but a statement. It’s a debut that was crafted swiftly in early 2023, inspired by a speech by Bill Gates on AI. This track stands out for its inventive approach, featuring Bill Gates’ speech rhythmically overlaid on a hip-hop beat, embodying raw, gangsta hip-hop vibes for the “fierce intellectual.”

Victoria’s Secret High-Level Software describes their sound as raw gangsta hip-hop, tailored for the thinking mind. It’s a blend that appeals to those who appreciate both the complexities of technology and the raw energy of hip-hop.

The music video, was released with a significant splash. Initially set for a November release, the project faced delays due to the artist’s relocation. The video’s history is as intriguing as its content:

It was intended to be a collaboration with the animator for Lil Dicky’s “Professional Rapper.”

A severe accident involving the artist led to a change in plans.

The collaboration with @rnotte brought the main 2D aspects of the video to life.

Victoria’s Secret High Level Software’s deep roots in software and real-time rendering are evident in every frame of the video, revealing a myriad of software secrets.

An interesting tidbit: the artist’s attention was caught by a horse race, where a horse with a name similar to the debut album title won, coinciding with Bill Gates’ comments on generative AI reaching its peak.

Victoria’s Secret High Level Software is not just another artist in the hip-hop scene. They are a testament to the genre’s ever-expanding boundaries, where technology and music intertwine to create something truly groundbreaking. “WhnnatestapassBillGates” is more than a song; it’s a cultural moment, blending the worlds of AI, technology, and raw hip-hop energy into an unforgettable experience. This debut is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey in the music industry.

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