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Sa’Day Wellness Spa & Beauty Room

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A Triumph of Resilience in Miami, Florida Amidst the vibrant city of Miami, Kee’la Chatman has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Having recently relocated to the Sunshine State, she has swiftly carved her niche by establishing her dream venture – Sa’Day Wellness Spa. In just over two months, this oasis of tranquility has captured the city’s attention, garnering headlines for its use of organic products and providing unparalleled services in a blissful ambiance. Boasting a team of top-tier estheticians, lash technicians, massage therapists, and natural hair stylists, Sa’Day Wellness Spa has earned recognition from the prestigious Aventura Esplanade mall. Proudly affiliated with the AMC Aventura Marketing Council Chambers of Commerce and selected as a flagship establishment for the esteemed Eminence Organics skincare line, Sa’Day is setting new standards for wellness and beauty. However, Kee’la’s journey to success was not without its trials. Beginning her spa venture in 2019 in Wynwood, FL, with a less-than-ideal partner, she weathered challenges that led the spa downhill. Undeterred, she decided to go solo, facing obstacles with contractors, financial setbacks, and the daunting task of obtaining permits. Balancing the struggles, she returned to restaurant work to make ends meet. Against the odds, Kee’la obtained the necessary permits, opening her dream spa in Miami. With an unwavering spirit, she embarked on an extensive networking and advertising campaign to establish Sa’Day Wellness Spa as a household name. Kee’la’s inspiring mantra resonates: “Trust in yourself, you don’t need anyone’s approval but God! Go after what you want, you will never know what works if you don’t try. Trust nobody; their actions speak louder than words.” A testament to resilience and entrepreneurial prowess, Kee’la envisions Sa’Day as a global brand with multiple locations in high-profile hotels and resorts. Beyond her business aspirations, she aims to start a charity to aid families in need and support those affected by cancer, a cause close to her heart due to the loss of her father and Grammy. Connect with Kee’la and Sa’Day Wellness Spa on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram @sadaywellnessspa or visit her online site. Kee’la Chatman’s story is a beacon of hope, urging others to dream big and persevere against all odds.

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