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Rapsody Please Don’t Cry New Album | BIG Interview

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Rapsody is here for a special episode and an all new BIG Interview as part of our Big Boy 30 Series in 2024. Big Boy is celebrating 30 years in Radio all year long On Air and on YouTube and all the stars are coming out!

Rapsody takes us deep inside her new album Please Don’t Cry. Big Boy had a chance to check out an early release of the new album Please Don’t Cry and expresses his true review of the album.

How did Rapsody feel going into this album after experiencing a breakup and the loneliness of the pandemic? Big Boy asks Rapsody about the process of how to let go of tracks that were meaningful but didn’t make the cut.

Rapsody opens up about mental health, panic attacks, support systems and shutting out the negativity and bad influences that take us off our path.

This is a beautiful conversation about music and our culture today. Thanks for watching and joining the conversation.

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