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New York’s best kept secret Nikky Racks spins the sample drill scene with his latest project “Racks Payne”

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Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Nik Robinson aka NikkyRacks has been setting streaming platforms and live performances ablaze since 2018. His extensive vocal range coupled with lyrical melodic flows has left fans always fiending for more of his style and sound. Having moved to Long Island’s East End, he has continued to display the height of musical talent, dropping trap-infused classics merging the cultures of his home neighborhood and new residence.


NikkyRacks quickly became one of the most sought-after artists in the music industry with audiences not being able to get enough of his songs, visually pleasing music videos, and performances that have turned New York avenues into a vibe like that of the premiere stage of SOBs. Still, NikkyRacks has kept up the consistency, releasing his latest body of work, creatively titled after the popular Max Payne franchise, “Racks Payne.” The 8-track project takes inspiration from his life, giving audiences a breathtaking list of songs speaking on everything from women, to work, the luxuries of life, and everything in between. “Racks Payne” is a clash of past and modern, sampling classic cuts dating even back to early hip-hop and 80s Japanese Pop. Together, along with NikkyRacks’ lyrical rhyme schemes and smooth flows, he revamps the Sample Drill sound made popular by producers like Cash Cobain and artists such as Shawny Binladen, giving it a facelift of epic proportions.


NikkyRacks has delivered a standout project with “Racks Payne.” It’s a music lover’s paradise with tracks that encompass a vibe for every mood. The project has achieved the label of being one of the most well put together for the year, and it’s clear why. NikkyRacks is endless in talent, perfecting every record he touches. Be sure to stream his latest project via the links provided.


“Racks Payne” Album Link:

Instagram: @nikkyracks

TikTok: @nikkyracks

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