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Lito the Guy Building A Career As A Musical Artist

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Lito the Guy, a artist/producer from Providence, Rhode Island, has just released his latest project, “Moonlight Saga.” The project is a collection of 7 tracks, all of which are instrumentals that Lito the Guy has produced. This is Lito the Guy’s first project, and his first instrumental album.

Lito the Guy is well-known for being the guy that does it all in the local hip-hop community, and has worked with some of the biggest names in the independent artist community. Lito’s beats are known for their vintage sound and hard-hitting drums.

Lito the Guy decided to release an instrumental album because he felt like there was a need for more producer-focused albums in the industry. “I feel like a lot of times producers don’t get the credit they deserve, they are artists too,” Lito the Guy said in an interview with Supernova Blog. “I wanted to make an album that was all about the beats, and showed people what I can do as a producer.”

“Moonlight Saga” is available now on all major streaming platforms. You can also purchase the album directly, merch, and NFT’s on

The tracks on “Moonlight Saga” are far from being throwaway beats; each one could easily be used on a commercially successful song or be synced to TV, Films, Games and more. The project opener, “Oculus,” sets the tone with its dusty chords/melodies and rattling drums. Tracks like “Metaverse,” “Moonlight Saga,” “Artificial,”and “Matic'” would be perfect for people like video gamers, while “Night Walker'” and “Rager” would be ideal for artists with the influences of Drake, Kid Cudi, Ye and Travis Scott.

In addition to being well-crafted beats, each track on “Moonlight Saga” has its own unique personality. This is something that Lito the Guy prides himself on as a producer. “I want my beats to have their own vibe and identity,” he said in an interview with Supernova. “I don’t want them to sound generic or like anything else that’s out there.”

If you’re a fan of Electronic, Pop, and Hip-Hop production, then you need to check out Lito the Guy’s new album, “Moonlight Saga.” The 7-track album is full of hard-hitting beats that are perfect for music lovers looking for some dope production. Buy or stream the album now!

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