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DTR Flippa Never Stops The Grind

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DTR Flippa is inspired to make music by many different aspects in his life. He uses music as a form of therapy and has ever since he was a child. He also works to create music others can listen to and relate to in order to help with the struggles they may be going through. He gets his musical inspiration from Nipsey Hussle. His dedication and hard work motivated DTR Flippa on many different levels. In order to make it you need to wake up everyday and chase after everything you want. He is also inspired by his son who is the reason he feels so driven to make his dreams a reality.


Aside from inspiration, DTR Flippa is also determined to break the cycle of struggle for his son. DTR Flippa has had constant issues with getting off the streets, losing loved ones, and being in trouble with the law. DTR Flippa found that he was on probation or incarcerated often because of things he was doing because he was born into that kind of lifestyle. DTR Flippa hopes to change that lifestyle for his son so he won’t have to struggle in the same way and he is already on his way there. He has had many huge accomplishments including hitting 141K listeners on Youtube for his single “GOAT.” He also was able to release “SitFlipalot” before he went to prison and is now preparing to release “Back For Blood” now that he is out.


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