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Is This The End? Daniel Philip’s New Song Hits Spotify Hard

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Up and coming artist Daniel Philip just released his newest single titled Is This The End? on Spotify, and he’s getting more than 200000+ plays in a short time after being posted online. This is an incredible feat because very few musicians can accomplish that number of plays in such a short time! With its catchy tune and relatable lyrics, this song might make it to the top of the charts once again. Let’s find out what makes this song so popular!

What Does Daniel Have To Say About His Hit Song

“In this song I share my daily battle. I feel everyday with has this small battle to move forward, to breath, to fight, to go all in on our dreams. I have this questions over and over and over again, is this the end? Or is this a new beginning?” says Daniel.
When you listen to this song you can really feel the real battle in his heart and mind.

What Is Special About The Track?

This track is getting a lot of attention on the streaming service. It currently has more than 200,000 plays on Spotify and that number is still growing. There are also thousands of comments and the majority of them are very positive. People have been making predictions about what this song might be talking about, but there’s no way to know for sure unless you listen to it yourself. Some say it could be about a relationship that isn’t going well or even about self doubt and depression. But others say it might just be about general feelings of unhappiness with life and the state of suffering in the world. So we’ll just have to listen to it!

Why Did It Become A Successful Hit Single After Being Released?
Daniel Philip never set out to be a singer, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming an internet sensation. One thing has remained consistent throughout his rise, his lyrics. the tuning and feeling-like sound used in his music have made it easy for many listeners to relate to his messages and emotions. His songs are often about love, relationships, heartbreak, and finding hope in trying times. It is this relatability that allows so many people to get on board and enjoy what he has to offer. It makes sense then, why Is this the end single, has become such a successful hit single after being released.

Listen the song here:

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