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Marc Millions Says He Plans To Give His Fans More Music

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A Boogie is one of today’s most known artists and Marc Millions compares himself not to the rapper style but to A Boogie’s effect in the industry. Marc Millions is quoted on the Ugly Money Podcast saying

“I know when I made my statement about being the next A Boogie in today’s music a lot of people thought I was crazy and thought it was funny but that type of shit I flourish off.”

Marc goes on to say that the only thing he and other rappers have in common is similar backgrounds. Marc Millions is a Niagara Falls NY native. He reps his hometown and his second home North Carolina, where he has been for over 4 years. Charlotte is where he first became a lover of creating music in early 2021.

“Who would have ever thought that my second song (1 Out Of 1) would be my biggest song, a year and half later? It’s just a blessing.”

“1 Out Of 1” (Prod. By Tom French) was released January 2021. The song was an instant hit in his city with over 300,000 total streams across major platforms & 67,000 views on YouTube. Marc Millions is a young star and has so much more room for success and growth. He plans to be extra consistent with his work as he’s manifesting to be a XXl Freshman class of 2024.

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