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DJ Smiles is On The Rise

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DJs are extremely crucial to the music industry. Not only are they playing music for an audience, a DJ is primarily responsible for providing knowledge about music for his listeners. Whenever a new artist emerges on the scene, they automatically reach out to DJs in hopes of getting their record spinned. They are able to let artists know which of their music their fans are engaging with and which they are not.

A DJ has the power of transforming an event just based off of their tracklist. They can bring the dynamics and liveliness to a musical event in ways no other medium is able to match. Dj Smiles from Iowa is a prime example of understanding the power of music. His talents have landed him on tour with a few big name artists, and giving him the opportunity to travel the world. Having an ear for music turned into a career that has changed his life.

When asked, “What can we expect from you this year?”, DJ Smiles stated, “Top of the year to be placed with an artist as the official dj”.

Dj Smiles

Jibri Petroske

IG: @_djsmiles

FB: Dj smiles

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