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Loneliness is Isolated on Assad Al Hanini’s New Single ‘Divine’

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Music is a way of life for Jordan-born artist Assad Al Hanini, who uses the medium as a tool for sorting out all of his emotions and experiences with the hope that others will find comfort in knowing that they’re not alone in what they’re feeling.

Indeed, Assad’s innate talent for crafting intimate music that reflect his authenticity, relatable inner dialogue, and contemplative spirit has lead him to discover an audience that is eager to receive his messages and that deeply identifies with the compelling stories he has to share with them.

This month, the musical artist released his gorgeous and completely mesmerizing new single “Divine” a glistening track that offers listeners an enchanting, immersive world all its own. Mesmerizing and soothing tunes, dreamy melodies lend to its ethereal ambience, whisking listeners to the limits of the universe, where, surrounded by our majestic galaxy, our current reality collides with everything that ever was and everything that ever will be.

Assad notes that “Divine” is “a self-reflective moment thinking about our lives, childhoods and journeys.” This piece is filled with emotions.

Listen to “Divine” below.

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