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Kurt X’s Shares “Distance”

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“Distance” is Kurt X‘s latest single and it’s his most vulnerable yet. Kurt X (formerly known as Kurt Cocaine) has been focused on growing as an individual to provide his audience with more music to come, “Distance” speaks about just that, taking time to himself to grow. Kurt has made so many changes since the beginning of his musical career and from this single on you all will continue to see that growth. 
After recently changing his artist moker, “Distance” was the introductory track for his audience as Kurt X. The track was produced by Big U4EA, he’s a producer, artist and an engineer with whom Kurt has been working with for years. The rebrand is more than just a marketing tool, it actually isn’t one at all – the changes that have occured in Kurt’s personal life have prompted this very real change in his perspective, attitude, mindset and music. This is like his second gen. I’m excited to see what’s next for the talented star.
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