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Meet Ayestí Ohio’s new age Hitmaker!

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Hailing from Lima, Ohio, Ayestí is quickly becoming a key fixture in the Ohio music landscape.

Ayestí embodies the new Alt-Rap vibe that was made popular by artists like Lil Uzi vert, Unothaactivist, Juice Wrld, Kanye, Thekidszn, and even Billie Eilish. This inspiration and influence can be heard throughout his music and seen in his expression of style.

Ayestí’s journey to becoming one of the hottest rappers out of Ohio wasn’t always a clear and straight path; originally trying his hand at being a competitive gamer whose specialty was the “Madden” series, he would make music with his friend the Late Columbus, Ohio rapper “spaceboii”. They would record and make tracks together but it wasn’t until he lost his friend to suicide that he decided to go full force with his music to honor his fallen friend and prove that he had what it took to take his and “spaceboii”‘s name to the top.

Since going hard with his music Ayestí has been blessed to see nothing but positive receptions and earned success. His most successful single “Fiji Truth” is a melodic smooth track that “Aye” just glides all over the track with donkey kong and Beyblade metaphors that are admittedly really f’n good! The world seemed to agree because “Fiji Truth” peaked at #14 on the iTunes singles chart and went #1 in South Africa. This success has even earned him recognition from Lyrical Lemonade as a featured artist.

Ayestí isn’t resting on his laurels, his latest single “Hey Mamacita” is looking to follow the success path of “Fiji Truth”. while the world has been dining on that track he also Just dropped the remix to his lyrical banger “GOAT”. The kid has bars for days and he puts them on full display on “GOAT” with his mix of hard-hitting bars and punchlines effortlessly blended with his melodic and almost harmonic voice. Ayestí has also partnered with high-profile marketing agency 448 Worldwide so expect to see him all over your social media and tv very soon!

Ayestí is definitely an artist who needs to be on your playlist if he isn’t already. With Over 1 million streams on Soundcloud, 300k views on youtube, and over 12k monthly listeners on Spotify, it’s safe to say that his music is touching the masses. Don’t be one of the few people who hop on the trend late, we are telling you now Ayestí is not next up, Ayestí IS NOW! So, go stream his music, follow him on social media and get some of this dope music he put out because “AYE” is definitely the one and will be for a long time!


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