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Turk NY- “We Outside” (Shot By WontonDesignz)

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Turk Ny is a 25 year old urban creative from Queens, NY. The melodic rapper currently based in NYC also goes by the name The pain, relationship and chill side or aka Will Bentè, representative of his fun mindset , party and positivity. Since the launch of his career in January 2017, Turk has put out 3 different bodies of work his most recent one titled “Breaking Silence” well-reflecting the culmination of his artistry, as he found his sound and lane in urban culture. He has released multiple singles throughout 2020 through 2022. His favorite thematics revolve around holding his composure through relationships, old friendships, fake frenemies, as well as his experience dropping out of college while trying to make a living. With the street lingo and the relatable quotes, NYC is in for another big artist, a versatile rapper in perpetual evolution to adapt to today’s fast-paced music industry. He has been generating a solid momentum with his two hit songs in 2021, “Only a Millie” and “Meddling”. Beginning of 2022 he dropped a single labeled “stamped Af” which sampled T-pain and Plies Single “Shawty” which made it to the top thumb 100 on Pandora. He continues to be consistent dropping his new single “We Outside “ which has gained popularity after the video was released August 2022 . Expect much more from his this 4th quarter.

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