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Meet Japan Model Daisuke Kamada

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Did you know that there is one male model blessed with exceptional talent here in Japan, the economic powerhouse of the Oriental Asia.

His name is Daisuke Kamada. (鎌田大祐)

I would like to introduce him this time.

As of 2022, Yuka Mannami is famous as a Japanese female model.

Male models do not get much attention. The difference from the female models is the low exposure to magazines or media.

Due to the contract with the designer, the models are not allowed to jump out from the frame of the model.

In general, the permission from the designer is needed when models appear on television or magazines.

Daisuke Kamada is the man who is supported by more than 200,000 followers on SNS in such a stringent regulatory world. Obviously his centripetal force is due to the rooted popularity of his fans, but in fact he seems to be a quite hard working person.

He started his career as a model at the age of 14, and made his debut in a big way at the New York fashion week (2002) at the young age of 22. He showed his brave figure on the big stages such as Portland Fashion Week and Pasarela Cibeles.

On the runway, his strong and overwhelming presence, which will take everyone’s breath away, is impressive.

After that, he had suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of us (at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week), what surprised us was that he became an entrepreneur in the Japanese media industry.

Even more surprisingly, he already had started his business at the age of 18, as far as I can see. In other words, while making his brilliant debut as a model, he secretly made a success in his own business,which is totally surprising.

Currently, he himself has taken on a role in a representative model and he has even launched his own modeling agency.

In April-August 2021, he appeared in the official media of the Coca-Cola Company as a face of Coca-Cola.

I’ve succeeded in asking him for a couple of interviews, so I’ll introduce them here.

1. Why did you choose to be a model at the young age of 14 ?

The reason I became a model was because I was scouted. I wasn’t tall like normal models and I was wondering why I was chosen, but I thought that the challenge will lead me to my growth.
Above all, I didn’t want to ignore the expectation from the people who found me.

2. Is Daisuke Kamada popular in Japan?

No, not really. I didn’t want to be a popular or famous model.
There was a proposal to be an actor in Japan, but I declined it.

In Japan, people wouldn’t know me that much except very limited people who really like fashion and watch fashion shows around the world.
The world is very big and open. I don’t want to have a stifling life only in Japan where fans and paparazzi always watch and judge my private life.
The reason I had chosen to be a model was because my business activity base was “not Japan”.

3. Please tell us the reason why you secretly developed your business while working as a model.

First, we don’t have to get permission from anyone to do business while working as a model.
Realistically speaking, models have retirements, just like athletes. There may be a way to become a designer, but I’m just a performer and I’m not going to change that for the rest of my life.
For me, the model is only just a part of me and also a part of my life.
Although, I didn’t have any thought of starting my business by showing myself as a model. I started a completely new business giving me a challenge as an unknown Daisuke Kamada.

4. How long do you plan to continue to work as a model?

The answer is simple. I will choose to leave the front stage when I am no longer needed as a model.
That’s not surprising. However, I am grateful that I am loved by many supporters now. I want to do my best as much as people need me.

5. Daisuke Kamada’s SNS is popular, please give us the reason briefly.

I’m just posting myself as an ordinary person named Daisuke Kamada on SNS. Sometimes it’s my private things, sometimes my thoughts, like something you take for granted in your life.
There are many celebrities and entertainers in Japan who know me well. I think this is also the reason. These people sympathize with my way of life and spread me.

This media also would like to support the success of this oriental model, Daisuke Kamada(鎌田大祐).

Keep your eye on his next success and his brave figure he will show us from now onward.

Let me summarize his next big appearance schedule after 2023 that our media researched.

New York fashion week
Paris Fashion Week
Singapore Fashion Week

鎌田大祐(Daisuke Kamada)

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