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MT Motherlandboy focuses on the bag with “I Can Show You”

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Coming up in the streets you find out very quickly that life will not be easy and there are more people who want to see you fail than see you succeed. Everything is a race, test, competition and the worst of all its survival of the fittest. Through all the obstacles in a world where there is lack of opportunity, the only thing you can tell someone who doesn’t believe is “I Can Show You”


From the roots of West Africa now living in Atlanta is an artist named MT Motherlandboy who is focused on the bag, success, positivity and the turn up all while staying on his guard and away from the negativity. Teaming up with producer Its Moe Beatz and artist Snupe Bandz they put together the dope single titled “I Can Show You”.


I Can Show You lyrically is a dope record that talks about the trap, the money, the ladies, the struggle and how even through all that you stay on high alert. To really make this song pop off MT Motherlandboy released the official music video June 2022.


Directed by KaliShots, now showing you exactly what he was going for when the record was created. Get tuned in and support “I Can Show You” now on YouTube.

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