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When Alternative Rap Meets Boom Bap: Sunset Capone and Hoyamanban Already Did It

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It’s 1999. Sunset Capone at 12 years old is watching his older brother Hoyamanban record and produce music, learning from local producer LS. It was over ten years later before he started making music himself. Hoyamanban always leaned towards Boom Bap and his brother, now known as Sunset Capone aka Sunny, was influenced by Hip Hop and Rock. Sunset Capone and Hoyamanban are biological brothers who bring influences from different worlds under the same roof.


Inspired by Hip Hop and Rock, Sunny cites Lil Peep and Disturbed as two of many inspirations for his music. Under other music projects Sunny has shared venues with many national touring acts, especially in the Rock world. He has also featured incredible artists like Samad Savage on his track “Talkin to a Wall”.


Hoyamanban credits DMX, Nas, Onyx, Busta Rhymes, and Jay Z as his inspirations. Hoyamanban has been featured on over 300 tracks, 16 albums, and worked with 20+ artists over the past two decades. He has performed shows where his crew packed venues like Brighton Bar (Long Branch, NJ) to the fire code and is also to be featured on the upcoming track with Sunset Capone and Spaceman Zack.


Alternative rap artist Sunny has joined his Boom Bap rapper brother Hoyamanban in touring from New Jersey to Tennessee. Their tour is named after their most recent release “Leader” and focuses on giving the listener the theme music to their winning moment. Sunset Capone’s 2021 release “Shattered Dreams” saw over 9 million plays on TikTok from so many users using his music. “Leader” could be his next track to have the same momentum, now shared with his own brother.


With Hoyamanban’s witty lyrics carried by a powerful flow and Sunny’s grungy rock-inspired emotional lyrics, these two brothers bring “Leader” to an audience that probably hasn’t heard a mashup like this before.


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Sunset Capone and Hoyamanban – Leader (Official Music Video)

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