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Fat Joe is pushing a new Italian Rapper

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Does Italy have a new phenomenon? It’s still too early to say that there are many up-and-coming rappers who disappear after a bit of a hipe.

Fresh Melody Flow is certainly making people talk about itself especially for the collaboration with Fat Joe in the song “Bounce” of which the official video clip that we present has just been released,

the Italian rapper has his own style and vision of rap certainly different from the current scene, his melodic flow is the first thing that immediately caught our attention coupled with the fact that he doesn’t seem to speak or behave like most rappers

in fact he seems to be a “life story teller” lyricist who doesn’t want to talk about drugs, sex and beautiful women but use music to convey positive messages of encouragement and this certainly does him honor.

Fat Joe did an intro in his song introducing it literally in Italy a bit as if to say “Italy don’t you realize this artist? I’ll introduce him to you!”

This intro has aroused curiosity in many internationally renowned artists including: The Game, Jadakiss and Bow Wow who, as you can see in the Fresh Melody Flow instagram profile, contacted him in private probably to establish collaborations.

We recommend that you listen to the Fresh Melody Flow debut album!

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