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Amassing Millions of streams online as an independent artist this is NXTFRIDAY

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Nxtfriday’s drive is an inspiration for us all, and after amassing over 3 million streams between Spotify and SoundCloud as an independent artist we all know that’s nothing easy to Accomplish. He has turned down bad deals in the past, dealt with bad management which only drove Friday to take a break from music and focus on learning the business so he could navigate his career in his own hands.

This up-and-coming underdog of an artist who has been making a name for himself online has been building a Fanbase beating all odds against him. From his unique auto tuned voice to his different image he is definitely one to remember.

One of the most heartbreaking stories that happened to him since pursing music, was that he had this publishing and multimedia company that wanted to work with him but right before he got a chance the CEO of that company passed away unfortunately.  

Friday plans on hitting the road, doing more shows and dropping more music and videos for his fans! He builds his clients’ trust by creating relatable music and staying true to himself. The one milestone he wants to hit is to achieve 100 million streams in one day!

He knew music was what he wanted to pursue, and after performing in front of a number of A&Rs in New York, he knew he needed to build some leverage and come back if he was ever going to earn a deal that was going to be fair. He is still independent, still pursuing music, engineers, co-directs and even funds his music. One thing is sure, Friday is here to stay and make his mark on the music industry.

To know more about NxtFriday, head to Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Instagram and TikTok

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