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Why Sydmusiq’s latest project “Why Not?” is making its mark in today’s music

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Sydmusiq gives you a glimpse into his dream turned into reality. With his melodic under tones and hard hitting metaphoric bars. Relatable content from a 30 year old husband/ fathers lens appears refreshing to his listeners. A day to day reflective piece would be an understatement for sydmusiq as he dives into his reality. Everyone would prefer to “ball out”, with different “color coupes”, while taking the high road, with growing and elevating. Grown man bars are certainly something you would have to deal with, while absorbing the maturity that you will hear featured on “Queen”. SYD embraced his flaws, and put his heart on his sleeve with this body of work.  The critically acclaimed “why not” is a true and honest testimony of a man living his dreams, and putting his money where his mouth is. From start to finish this project will keep you mesmerized with bars, and endless flows from a flawless pen.

1. What makes “Why Not?” different?

“Why Not?” is a body of work that I put together to help showcase my different layers as an artist. I wanted to display my abilities to make “feel good” / upbeat” records like “different color coupes” or “Sit on my Lap, while still showing my more vulnerable side in songs like “Don’t Change” and “Queen”. I know as a big fan of hip hop, some of my favorite artists would hit all different moods within their album and that’s exactly what I tried to do. I want there to be a song for whatever mood a listener may be in. In the past if I was in a down mood, I would play a song that matches that mood, but what I learned is, when the next song comes on and it is a “feel good” song, my mood instantly becomes better. So all in all I think “Why Not?” is something a listener can play regardless of their mood and feel like they can relate and they are not alone.

2. Why should someone listen to “Why Not?”

“Why Not?” is very relatable. In almost every song there will be a part of the song that makes the listener reminisce about a time in their life. The benefit of still being an up and coming artist is the things I talk about in my music are still very familiar to the listener. The song that instantly comes to mind is “Weekend Dad”. Everyone in the world knows a weekend dad in some way. It is a very common thing nowadays and I think this song helps people understand how tough those situations can be. “Syd Talk” is another song where I kind of go on a rant about starting to pursue music and the different obstacles I face. Those are just two of the many examples where I feel the listener would feel like they were looking in the mirror.

4. What do you bring to the music industry?

I think I bring a sense of authenticity to the music industry. I understand in some ways the hip/hop genre has a “tough/hard” undertone behind it but I wanted to bring another element to it. Similar to Drake or Jack Harlow I wanted to show a more vulnerable side in hip hop. Growing up in a more suburban area I never really got into the “street life”. Therefore, I don’t really address those things or make that type of music. When I make music I mostly talk about actual events that took place in my life and different situations I have come across. I want to prove to the younger generation that regardless of what your upbringing is, if you work hard on your craft, you can succeed.

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