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From CEO to Saxophonist Atlanta Musician Hits the High Note With the Debut of His New Album “In The Moment”

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There is nothing sweeter than your first love, and for musician Gregory Fields Jr., Executive of AMS Enterprise and CEO of G. Fields Music, these words ring very true. Gregory remembers falling in love with the saxophone in elementary school. His passion increased exponentially over the years as he played in the high school band. Later in 1995, his unique style was recognized by multi-national entertainment giant Warner Bros. They were enthused to sign him into a contract with their label. During that time in his blossoming career, Mr. Fields shared the stage with such giants as Jermaine Dupri and Charlie Wilson.

Along the road to success, Gregory garnered respect as an executive, producer, artist, writer, actor, recording, and sound engineer. His new album release “In The Moment,” is a heartfelt return to the days of his youth; to the beginning; to the arms of his first love. Mr. Fields spent years helping budding artists make their mark in the competitive music business around the country. At this juncture, however, G. Fields is venturing in the artistry of being a saxophonist. He grafted a style that is a cross between smooth jazz, funk, and soul, with a hint of hip hop/R&B that has a multi-generational appeal.

This extraordinary saxophonist brings the centuries old woodwind instrument, created in Belgium, to life with the skillful expertise of a seasoned perfectionist. Gregory’s musical genius leaves the listener wanting for more as his engaging presence weaves through and fills the atmosphere. The recent red-carpet debut of his album “In The Moment,” in the Empire City of the South, Atlanta, GA, was much anticipated. Mr. Fields wooed the audience who attended the exquisite, intimate setting at Patio 211 Event Center. His crowd-pleasing smooth notes that contained a pinch of modern flavor resonated throughout the venue. The fans of this music icon were not disappointed.

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