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Songstress Tanya Nolan and Her New Single, ‘Good Woman’: The Definition of Soulful R&B Music

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R&B artist Tanya Nolan has a new track that is gaining popularity on the radio airwaves. Her new R&B single, “Good Woman,” is proving itself to be an authentic R&B hit with its rising position on Billboard’s Adult R&B charts. The song’s lyrical message is universal in its appeal with music listeners and fans of R&B music.”Good Woman” continues to gain status and popularity as an indie release in the spotlight of major releases thanks to the powerful and soulful vocals of power vocalist, Tanya Nolan.

In her recent visit to Majic 102.1, radio hosts, Funky Larry Jones and Ali Siddiq, endorsed the record as fire. Both the production and performance combined present a timeless song with all the great qualities in sound of what R&B is all about.
Tanya Nolan’s melodic voice carries the lyrical messaging with the strength of a power vocalist born to sing and a woman who understands the vulnerable side of falling in love. The after effect of listening to this track is the desire to hear it again.

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