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Aaron Owens “From Foster Care To The Future Of Project Management”

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Aaron (@MrBuildWealth) Owens, also known as the Creative Conductor, was born 8/13/88 in Philadelphia, PA. He is the owner and Sr. Project Manager at ArkBM which is a creative project management studio. He started this company in 2014 after his adopted grandmother passed away and left him a $600 cash value life insurance policy. 

Since then, Aaron has successfully managed over 400 projects and has even led projects for companies like Google, Facebook and TBS – The Last OG. Aaron says that project management became his passion in 2008 and even claims that he was managing projects before he became aware that he was managing them. His journey began when he was adopted at 18 months, but continues today by helping Freelancers, Business Owners and Agencies understand the importance of having an experienced project manager. 

After spending over a decade mastering his craft, Aaron moved to Atlanta in the middle of the pandemic and began expanding his company. He officially managed his first project in Boca Raton, Florida, but has since planned to take his company international. When we ask Aaron what’s next for ArkBM… His response is simple “complete our app and to continue setting the standard for how creative projects get done”.

His trademarked motto showcases his dedication: If you don’t have a project manager, you are the project manager®



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