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Stop One Distribution offers a reduced rate to music artists for their studio sessions

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Offering new services and offers, the music distribution platform has provided incredible growth opportunities for musical artists.

Among the many industries that have grown over the years, some of them have always stood tall and unique from the rest. Ever wondered what could have been the reasons that might have led these fields to attain exponential levels of growth? Well, out of the several factors, one reason is definitely the technological advent and second, most important is the incessant hard work of professionals and entrepreneurs with their robust team of professionals, who turn their ideas and visions into reality to bring about a wave of great change in their respective industries. There has been a rise of several astute professionals and entrepreneurs in the music world, who have attained massive glory for themselves and their brands by inspiring greatness and innovation, and one among them is Saad Amin (CEO Saad), who created Stop One Distribution in Atlanta, Georgia, the US.

Stop One Distribution now has garnered more headlines for the impeccable services and offers it provides music artists with selling their music online and getting their music heard. Spearheaded by Saad, he brings in amazing ideas that pave the platform’s path of growth and success. Stop One Distribution now makes more news for providing a few of the distro services offered by UnitedMasters, DistroKid, and TuneCore, but with a unique twist. It has spellbound musicians and artists with offering uploads to over 100 DSPs, including Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal. They also offer a YouTube content ID, similar to a digital fingerprint identifying and managing copyrighted content.

Also, the music distribution platform helps in collecting royalties for artists in case their music gets used. It helps them receive monthly compensation and see their earnings through the artist portal. Apart from this, Stop One Distribution is looking forward to giving artists the access to daily streams for most DSPs. Artists will also get the opportunity to split royalties between writers, producers, and any other contributing parties and also credit them for their work on songs and projects.

With a great support team in place for help within 24 hours, Stop One Distribution also provides editorial and independent playlist pitching to some of the biggest playlists in the market, have their own “Influencer Playlist” from prominent influencers, and also offer Royalty Advance, giving the chance to borrow against their future earnings to pay for necessities like digital marketing campaigns, video tour support, and radio. Its biggest service to artists is giving them the option of paying a reduced rate for their studio sessions or having a percentage of their monthly earnings deducted to cover studio expenses.

Stop One Destination ( has definitely changed the game in the independent music distribution niche.

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