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Joey Band$ Is Creating A New Wave For New Jersey

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New Jersey artist Joey Band$ is making a name for himself with his own flavor of Toronto inspired East Coast music. His sound is rare and his ability to go above and beyond during the recording process is a vehicle for success.
Joey Band$ is bringing a completely new sound to his region. Beginning his journey at 16, his love for music and knack for songwriting and engineering lead him to a life of passion and creativity. Inspired by artists such as Drake & The Weeknd, Joey Band$ has revamped the Toronto style into his own brand of New Jersey flavor. Pulling from R&B and Jersey house music tropes, he’s blended together a new form of expression, marked by distinct high vocals and hard-thumping drum beats. With positive messages in his music Joey Band$ sets out to brighten up the days of his listeners, pushing themes of self worth and perseverance.
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