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SameDayJunior Is Proving Why He Is The Talk In Atlanta

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The rapper Sameday Junior has great admiration for the famous rapper Lil Baby. Sameday Junior can identify with the rapper who had been through various court cases making him go in and out of prison multiple times before he became a rapping sensation. Lil baby has used his personal life experiences to make his rap songs.

Rapper Sameday junior had to go through a three years sentence in prison too and feels his story is the same like that of Lil Baby and hopes this can translate in their work together. The rapper is always in sync with all the music Lil Baby creates and hopes to work with Lil Baby someday.

The rapper loves to run and till now his biggest achievement is running upto 100k. Qc, Atlantic and 1017 are the three labels he thinks are best and wouldn’t mind becoming a talent of either of them. The rapper has definitely planned a lot of music for his near future. He is working on new songs that come from his personal space and thus he is sure will connect with the listeners

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