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Star Blue Logistics: Inspired by Hip-Hop and Driven by Providing Jobs to More People

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More than being some standard trucking and freight business, it is clear that Hanif J. Williams is not your standard executive. The CEO of Star Blue Logistics is filled with inspiration and hope. “At Star Blue Logistics, we make it a point of our focus to hire employees that look like those on this very platform [This is 50], people normally identify with what is familiar to them,” says the inspirational CEO

Star Blue Logistics is named after Charles “Blue” Williams, the departed and diligent businessman, and his son, Tariq Williams. Their company is known for its professionalism and the depth of its values, such as integrity, fairness, and honesty

After visiting Raleigh, North Carolina, Hanif J. Williams has made it very obvious to everyone close to him, or at least those he has worked with, that his life and works are incredibly motivated and influenced by his late father and mother, Sadiqa Williams, as well as other contributors to the company’s success. “Just as we are heavily influenced by hip-hop, I was heavily influenced by my partner Isaiah Smith and my brother Rise Rashid, both are artists and gifted creatives,” says Williams.

Besides Star Blue Logistics being a reputable company in the trucking industry, Williams is primarily known for his selfless spirit , bigger-than-life mission, and love for family. For example, in the middle of our interview, Williams pauses and suddenly takes a call and says, “This is my sister Adeela calling me. My nephew wants some sneakers. I can’t miss this call as I already missed Ayana’s call.” His love for family is not just evident in taking calls for his siblings but also in the number of people they have hired for other companies needing drivers. Star Blue Logistics has already hired over 700 drivers for small and mega carriers alike.

Williams played a significant role in growing a $150K US division to a $3.1 million standalone world-class industry leader. He made a massive contribution to the industry through integrating, outsourcing,  process efficiencies, and workforce planning. The freight brokerage, under his leadership, makes sure that they use innovative technology customized to their client’s businesses because they are aware that every shipper has different sets of needs and preferences

Recently, Williams has created E1T1, which is an acronym for Each 1 Teach 1, an initiative to help minority-owned trucking companies with compliance, funding, hiring, and other business essentials. 

Impeccably dressed in a cherry red sweatsuit on a chilly April afternoon, Williams concludes with this: “My passion is providing tangible resources to entrepreneurs that do not have the opportunities to scale their business,” said the generous CEO.

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