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Mekke’l Carter catches a Caribbean-cadenced vibe with her new EP “Intentions”.

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Stellar Songstress, Mekke’l Carter reintroduces herself with the arrival of her newest EP “Intentions”. Sonically, her second coming project consists of 3 dance-heavy, Caribbean-cadenced hits, saturated with infectious melodies & a fun-loving vibration. “This music sounds like I need to be sipping on a piña-colada right now!” Mekke’l Carter’s choreographer expressed to her as they started the creative process for the visuals that will be accompanying the project.

“The music has a very tropical tone to it. It includes an innumerable amount of intoxicating, island inspired sounds.” – Mekke’l

Perfect timing for this type of release as the flowers start to bloom and the weather starts to warm.

This EP starts off on a very amusing & upbeat energy with a clubbable, dancehall motivated banger titled “Cash Piñata”. “Light it up! Wind it up! We can spend it all f**k some commas up!” Mekke’l Carter chants in her catchy chorus. Followed by a powerful post-hook with instant appeal “It’s your birthday today! Cash Piñata on its way!” Resonating with a kindred vibration of Drake’s “Ratchet Happy Birthday” in a colorful & creative expression. The amusement continues with a flirty & fun song called “Pull Up”. A self-explanatory title, essentially extending a light-hearted invitation to a special friend to slide on her (in more ways than one). With a comical & witty banter in a playful, post-hook, “Imma pull up like I’m Postmates, Pull up like it’s Uber Eats, Don’t know what you do to me, It’s a blessing, you to me.” Transitioning into the final song of the EP “Tell Me” that teleports the listener into a curious wanderlust with a little latin twist. This song sounds like a chill cruise down PCH or a sail into the sunset with a loved one. Mekke’l then heats things up with her cool-toned, whisper-like, rap verse full of zesty lyrics like “Exhibitionist on the balcony. Rock the boat, do Alchemy. Let me cut it up like surgery. No flash in the mirror, trap thirst for me”. The sum of the songs on the project are all produced by Keyon Christ who has been commonly known for his production of “Goodnight Gotham” on Rihanna’s last studio album “ANTI”, as well as “FML” by Kanye West & The Weeknd. Intentions EP is live on all streaming platforms 4/22/22!

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