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Get To Know Ruby Recordings’ ReeseMoe

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ReeseMoe is a hip-hop recording artist, record producer, and artistic songwriter who prides himself on loyalty, family, and the hustle. Born Maurice Hamell, he first began making music in 2014 hanging with hip-hop artist Trizzy in the studio, and quickly found it as a way to express his own ambitions despite having a troubled past. Growing up in Harlem he saw fast money as a way of life and the allure of instant gratification led him to the streets. Being sent to live with his family in Utica, New York was meant to slow him down. ReeseMoe’s taste for crime finally caught up with him in November 2014, when he was sent to prison at age 21. Upon release from prison in 2018, he got his foot in the door with Ruby Recordings as head of A&R. His results earned him a partnership with the label and an opportunity to build his own roster under Boss Figure Records imprint.

Reesemoe has just released two new singles: “Master P” and “Certified” featuring Trizzy, his second and third single off his upcoming project Boss Figure. The singles follow up “Hundreds & Fiftys,” which ReeseMoe released on April 4th. ReeseMoe prides himself on being as authentic as possible and owning his own unique sound in every record that he makes. His main goal is to have people resonate with the music that he creates and nothing else. Recently, we had the opportunity to interview ReeseMoe and you can read that conversation below.

What was it like growing up in your hometown?

Growing up in Harlem was tough because my family didn’t have much. I was never the flyest in school but I was class-clown. I went to Louise D. Brandeis HS and I hung out with a tougher crowd there. I was everybody’s little brother in that school in 2007. It was a recession around this time but I barely noticed it because all of us were poor and felt like we had to make a way for ourselves.

How long have you been making music? 

I made songs with my brother “Young Flow Like Yo” in middle school. We were in kappa 2 middle of class banging on the desks and rapping,l! We even discussed making record labels way back then. We used to say everybody was gonna have a chain on, and we would call ourselves “the chain gang” Lol

How has being signed to Ruby Recordings changed your life?

Ruby has added structure to my career. They have the experience that I need on my side and they do really well with explaining how things are gonna go so I’m not guessing. I appreciate that.

What all come with your artistry and tell us about your creative process? 

I like to keep my work relatable and informative. I dig into my experiences and think about the things that have—brought me blessings, to be honest, and put it in a song. As a leader that is my responsibility, to make sure I’m adding some value.

What made you want to release your new song “The Ruby?” 

It’s a song that makes you hype, And I only like to release feel-good music.

What are you currently working on? 

I’m working on projects with my brother cashcozy, young flow like yo, macfromeighth, me and frio have some music on the way as well as a few other artists.


Who would you want to collaborate within the near future? 

I wanna collaborate with Nicki Minaj, Beyonce; Shenseea, Saweetee, Latto, young Miami, Dreamdoll, Coi Leray, Doja Cat, and Ashanti to start.

Did COVID change your career for better or worse?

My rule with myself is I always have to be progressing so, yes with the time that has passed my career has gotten better.

To keep up with ReeseMoe, you can follow him on Instagram @ReeseMoeNYC.

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