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Former Hip-Hop Artist Misty Blanco Reinvents Herself and Introduces a New Musical Genre Known as Melodic Bop

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Not all music artists are gifted with the unique ability to successfully reinvent themselves at the height of their careers, but former hip-hop artist Misty Blanco, also known as Mysterious from MTV’s Making The Band 2 with P Diddy, is quite an exception. The four-time Grammy-nominated music artist one day decided to go through a 90-day spiritual cleansing, which involved weeks of consistent fasting, praying long nights, and missing sleep until she emerged as a fully changed woman with a new voice. Her newfound voice paved the way for the creation of a new musical genre, which is known as the Melodic Bop.

The former hip-hop artist, despite her remarkable work as a distinct rapper, was repeatedly shunned in the hip-hop industry simply because her original, deep, and dark storytelling did not match that of Cardi B, Lil Kim, or Megan Thee Stallion. While she could have chosen to remain loyal to her original brand, The Blaquanese Rockstar opted to take a leap of faith and try something new. Because she has chosen the uncommon path of reinventing herself, she is considered one of the few talents in the business who can handle being an executive and a music artist at the same time. 

Her Melodic Bop was a well-received addition to the music industry, and fans cannot get enough of it. After leaving behind her rapping days, she has evolved into a theatrical artist, also known as The Blaquanese Rockstar. Misty Blanco has had several shows in the Richmond and Petersburg areas while working alongside politicians Joe Morrisey and Howard Myers. She owns her own television channel on Roku and all smart devices together with her partners Christina Jones and Ja Vonni Brustow. She owns her own reality show called The Misty TV Blaque Okane Rockfest Tour.

Misty successfully divides her valuable time between her music career and publicity, marketing, management, and branding company. Undeniably, she manages to represent the interests of her A-list clients splendidly while also working on growing her music career. She has proven that a modern-day woman can be anything she wants to be and can, in fact, pursue several dreams at the same time. 

After relaunching her personal brand, Misty Blanco released her first single, “Music Box,” during Black History Month 2022. Shortly after, she released her second single, “Interviews with a Goat,” which is considered the most controversial song of 2022 as she makes references to herself as someone who is not The Billy Goat or The Lucy Goat. Misty Blanco refers to herself as The Does Goat, which is the proper way to identify a female goat. Misty strove to identify the sections of goats in the industry.

Misty, as The Blaquanese Rockstar, did not use the usual spelling of black but instead uses Blaque, which means Believing In Life Achieving A Guest to Unite Everything. Apart from being a phenomenal entrepreneur and music artist, she is also a proud single mother to her son, Legend Ali. Her son has been her greatest pride and joy, and she takes him everywhere she goes, from her concerts to business meetings. When it comes to being a mother, she gives it more than just her 100%.

Today, Misty Blanco’s music can be heard in over 400 Billboard reporting stations across the globe. She is in the top 10 in the European Billboard until this day, proof that she has successfully established herself as a respectable artist in the industry. Despite her current success, she continues to dream big and one day aspires to become the next Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry. As early as now, she is believed to be the next billionaire in the music and film industries. 

For publicity inquiries on Misty Blanco, please contact: 

The Misty TV Firm Corporation 

(310) 661-8247


Misty Blanco’s Instagram IG: @mysterious_mistyblanco

Misty Blanco Fan Club

99 Wall St. Suite 2510

NY, NY 10036

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