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Josh Lambert on Finding Inspiration in Nostalgia

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Josh Lambert, an independent rock/hip-hop artist, songwriter, and producer from Los Angeles, is paving a lane for himself in alternative music. While Josh began his career as a hip-hop artist and producer, his sound has evolved into a blend of trap and punk music.


Josh enjoys a broad collection of music, but alternative rock has always had a special place in his heart. Bands, such as Green Day, The Killers, The Who, and Coldplay, are not only a source of nostalgia for Josh, but they are also the inspiration for the new direction of his sound.


“Their music makes me feel,” Josh says, “I’m a fan of a lot of rappers, but growing up I was listening to a lot of rock and alternative because I was always very emotional and could relate to their music.” 


Music isn’t the only well that Josh draws his inspiration from. Nature has always awoken new melodies and sounds for Josh, who enjoys being outdoors and experiencing new environments. Movies, his friends, and other various styles of music also motivate Josh to continue creating. 


In his latest song, “MY WAY”, which he released last month in collaboration with Jude Barclay, Josh provides listeners with a song that is reminiscent of his favorite artists, both in sound and in his ability to make music that will resonate with his audience. 


Follow Josh Lambert on Instagram @joshlambert00 and at Josh Lambert on all platforms. 

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