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Why naBBoo Is Ready For His Most Ambitious Year Yet

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No one took “naBBoo” seriously at first, but today he has a large following of listeners who are enamoured with his brainchild. He was, nonetheless, adamant about demonstrating that he is deserving of praise and respect. So, let’s get to know “naBBoo,” a musical sensation from Paris.

Today, the musical producer known by his stage name “naBBoo” is a music producer originating from Macedonia, a tiny European country with its capital in Skopje. “naBBoo” is known for his creativity, which is evident in his songs.

He began attending recording sessions at the age of seventeen and was fascinated by the art of music creation. He was a classical violinist, but today he has carved out a niche for himself.

For the past three years, he has been working and residing in Paris and has already collaborated with musical personalities such as M Pokora, Jenifer, Kylie Minogue. His music can give a sense of optimism and inspire you to live life to the fullest. From the creation of tunes to a selection of vocalists who can soothe the heart is an art form that naBBoo excels at.

Not only this, his track “Out of my mind” featuring Romanian singer Eneli is one of the projects which he is proud of making. His musicality is absolute perfection and Eneli’s voice is the cherry on the cake.

Even so, his process of producing music stands out in the musical world. His creation of music begins by forming a concept in his brain and playing some chords on the piano, as well as recording a number of voice memos. Once he is certain that the line is there, he will set up the session and begin working on the arrangement and production (which may take days and days at times). After that, he will write the lyrics, record the vocalist, and add extra live instruments before finishing the mix and mastering.

For the young upcoming music producers, naBBoo quotes “As an artist, I’d say they need to feel the music and connect with the vibes, but as a producer, I would say pay attention to the small details.”

Our day’s discovery was full of happiness and love, just what we needed to start our “free days” on a positive note. ‘Closer- Radio edit,’ his most recent single, should be on your playlist.

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