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Rising Songwriter RudyWade Is Chasing His Dreams

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At 18-years-old RudyWade moved in with his producer Jon Linger in Boston. The creative started making music 5 years ago during his sophomore year in high school.

Inspired by the likes of Imagine Dragons, The Neighbourhood, and Lil Uzi Vert, RudyWade has been carefully crafting his own sound. His priority is to relate to his listeners the best he can. “I want to change people’s lives and eventually create a new sound that is uniquely my own”, explained RudyWade.

RudyWade is currently signed to Doing the Most Entertainment. The label is ran by a close personal friend and was recently put together in the last couple years.

The artist has plans to release a new remix of his track ‘Moving On’ featuring vocalist Stellar. The original track has seen streaming success amassing more than 300,000 streams to date on Spotify.

Most recently, RudyWade released a 2 song EP titled ‘New Era’ to open up 2022.

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