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CC’ Lands On Apple Music’s “Best New Song”

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CC’ is an up and coming R&B singer from South Central California and is currently making a statement in the music industry today. At the age of 9 she was inspired by the legendary great voices of Chaka Khan and Whitney Houston. More recently CC’ gained her musical inspiration from great talented artists like Jazmine Sullivan, Brandi, and Lauren Hill. CC’ began singing for her local church and remembers feeling the anointing in the room while the other choir members sang. She believed singing was something she was called to do and always believed that someday she was going to use her abilities in the form of a career. Growing up the support from her family and peers encouraged her to keep singing and striving in the direction of her passion. As the years went by she focused on her craft and dedicated her upcoming career to her family using her hard work and determination to make it happen. Last year, CC’ dropped her debut first single “Love Again” and immediately received recognition as the song skyrocketed in numbers. CC’ has quickly gained a vast fan base with her voice and was mentioned as Apple Music’s “Best New Song” landing her at the #6 spot.
“There’s so many distractions in this world and many people are going through something, I believe everyday is a new day to strive to be better than the day before. I want my music to create an atmosphere to place an ease to a heavy mind in hopes to shed positivity for people who can relate to it. I hope to continue to make a positive impact on the R&B community as well as the world as a whole”, CC’ states when referring to the reason she continues to make music and what drives her when creating new material.
Recently CC’ released her new single “Cold World” which has garnered a buzz similar to her debut. Self improvement is important to CC’ and as she releases new music she continues to have us in amazement as she never lets her foot off the gas. CC’ has just announced her upcoming new singles “Uno” and “3 Days” will be dropping soon, so it would be wise to keep up with this star in the making as she strives for greatness within the R&B industry.
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