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IncludedJay’s Music Gives a Unique Experience

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IncludedJay is an upcoming independent artist based out of Hawthorne, California. IncludedJay has had a natural connection to music his entire life. Music gave him a place to escape when he was going through struggles even as a child. Growing up, he had to live with his grandparents as his mother was addicted to drugs, and his father was incarcerated for most of his childhood. These tough times never defined who Included Jay was as a person and never stopped him from pursuing his dreams. Growing up he was interested in music from artists such as Band of Horses, Starship, and Lil Wayne. These artists gave him the inspiration to pursue music as he saw how a person’s voice can change someone’s whole lookout on life. Music is not something that IncludedJay ever learned or got into. Music was always in him and always was a part of his being. His music speaks to him from within which has helped him be self-motivated and has also helped him create a completely unique sound. Each track he produces encapsulates a different color emotion paired with divine energy to express what he feels inside of him. He does this with the help of his producers Og Milord, RitchieC, and Lord Casso who bring his music to the next level. IncludedJay has recently released the album “Free Fall” where he takes you on a journey into his mind. Each track explains an emotion he has and brings you into that emotion as well. In the upcoming year, he plans to have a lot coming in music, clothing, acting, and much more.

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