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Ed Sheeran and Stormzy can’t be wrong: Meet Dylan Walker, a singer-songwriter on the rise!

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What if you walked into your local supermarket on an average day and stumbled upon one of your favourite musical artists by pure chance? This is exactly what happened to Dylan Walker. The budding songwriter was simply shopping around, when he noticed that a familiar face was also browsing the aisles. He immediately recognised that face as Stormzy, an artist who is an absolute modern day legend, and someone that Dylan has always admired greatly. Although he was starstruck, to say the least, Dylan worked up the courage to go up to the star and strike up a conversation. Some people say “never meet your idols,” because they might turn out to be nothing like you expected and you might be disappointed. However, this was definitely not the case with Stormzy, an artist who maintained a very humble and down-to-earth attitude. He was happy to chat to Dylan, and he even agreed to listen to one of his demos. It just so happened to be that Dylan was working on a new song called ‘Summer Time Love’ right around that time. The track, which has a fresh, lively summer vibe, was instantly catchy, and it has a very relatable hook that highlights Dylan’s soulful, yet pop-centric vocal performance. He decided that he was going to send that song to Stormzy, who responded very enthusiastically, even going as far as sending Dylan a video, in which he was complementing the song with none other than Ed Sheeran. In case you have been living under a rock for the past decade or so, Ed is one of the world’s best selling recording artists, and a true talent, who turned his heartfelt and fresh songs into massive worldwide hits. The feedback and advice Dylan received from Stormzy and Ed Sheeran have been completely invaluable, and the chance encounter also helped the song gain some real traction. ‘Summer Time Love’ is Dylan’s latest release, and boy – what a fantastic way to kickstart the new year, especially after all the challenges that so many of us had to endure in these crazy times (you probably know what I am talking about by now). And, if this wasn’t enough, the incredibly cool and auspicious circumstances enabled Dylan to sign a deal with Soar Music Group, who would help the artists future endeavour with management services. While Dylan is still working to promote ‘Summer Time Love’, he is also making plans for what’s coming next. Currently, he is working on filming a music video to accompany the single, with the talented director Erica Bergsmeds, which he hopes to release soon. And, he is also in the process of finalising a new single which he is working on called ‘Feel It Too’. Hopefully, his new song is going to be released quite soon also, and from what I hear there will be a different touch to it that his audience might not expect. Dylan and his team have not shared too many details on the upcoming track in order to keep it a surprise for the fans, but one thing that we do know is that the song might feature a very special friend of his. We’re definitely in for a treat.

Wherever the future might lead, it is definitely going to be an exciting place for Dylan.

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