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How Did MeetOTB Enter the World of Music

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It takes tremendous courage, passion, and talent to become a well-known music producer at 17. But MeetOTB made that possible through his unique compositions. He already has thousands of fans who love his music. He is now so popular that even Rolling Stone India featured him as an upcoming artist in the music industry. So how did he become such a famous musician at such a young age? Go behind the scenes and learn about his exciting journey.


Background of MeetOTB


Meetsingh Gour, also known as MeetOTB, hails from Pune. He comes from a humble background, with his parents working hard to meet him. MeetOTB loved listening to different types of songs from a young age. He spent hours in his room scouring through the internet, following music stars from all over the world. His dedication was so much into listening to music that sometimes he would even skip meals for it.


As MeetOTB listened to so many songs from different artists, he thought about making his music. So he started making tunes in his mind, and whenever he would come up with something that he liked, he would record it on his phone. This continued for a couple of years until he realized hundreds of tunes recorded on his phone.


Making music


With so many tunes already on his phone, MeetOTB didn’t know what to do with them; one day, he gathered the courage to play the songs in front of his school music teacher. His teacher was so impressed that it gave MeetOTB the confidence to continue. Soon, he started mixing the tunes on his computer. He would again spend hours in his room because making music had become a craze for him by then.


After months of developing new tunes, MeetOTB finally had his first break in the music industry. He collaborated with Jay Portal and Alexander Yung to create his first single ‘Drowning in Silence.’ The two-minute song became an instant hit among music lovers. More than 100,000 Spotify users listened to the piece within a few months. Considering his age, this is a massive achievement for the teenager. 


MeetOTB wants to keep making music for his fans. Surprisingly, a seventeen-year-old is already a big name in the music industry. However, his consistency in delivering albums and singles shows his talent and the songs his fans can expect from him.

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