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Jake Plonskier’s new single “Darkness in your eyes” is perfect for any setting and mood

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Jake Plonskier’s most recent track, “Darkness in your eyes,” has stolen listeners’ breath away. The song has only been available for a few months. On the other hand, the song has amassed a sizable fan following in such a short period. Every day, the number of people who follow you grows by a small percentage.

Jake was born and raised in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. He understands what Los Angeles residents seek from house music. They’re searching for something exciting to kick off the festivities and raise their spirits. People are seeking a song to brighten up the occasion. And Jake, who is completely aware of the circumstances, is capable of doing so.

Jake has been able to share songs that he is proud of with the world thanks to Rumor Records. Throughout the production process, he has been fairly outspoken. Rumor Records was gracious enough to hear his concerns and desires. When we hear the final decision, we are speechless.

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