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Music Helps Us Lead Better Lives per Ava Bamby

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“Music can heal wounds that medicine cannot get to,” goes a famous saying. And in this article, Ava Bamby tells us how music plays the role of a healer to the body and the soul. 


The Soul


The soul has always had a unique connection with music, and each time we listen to our favorite melodies, we know we are experiencing a connection that goes far deeper than the ordinary. “In every culture across the world,” says Ava Bamby, “music, in all its forms, has found an endearing place in people’s hearts. No matter how alien you may be to a region and its people, language, or dialect, you know you will discover a common thread when it comes to music. And just as the human soul has no boundaries, music, too, builds bridges wherever it goes.” 


Helping us feel better when we are sad, pepping us up when we are feeling low, or allowing us to relive old memories and even shed a tear or two when needed, music weaves magic into our lives in so many ways. Indeed, when it comes to the healing of the soul, there is no better medicine than music. 


The Body


The power of vibration has proved to be a channel of healing even in the scientific realm. Since music is all about vibrations and frequency, it positively affects the body on many different levels. Some label it as the “original, mood-altering, non-fattening wonder drug,” and others call it “the longest standing self-prescribed therapy in history.” Ava Bamby informs us how these are not mere words or sayings. Music indeed has a scientific explanation behind its healing powers, whatever the tag may be. Listening to music has a direct effect on our bodies. It acts as an impactful catalyst in helping the human body reach a state of homeostasis—or a state of calm—by reducing cortisol levels. 


Moreover, people who work out in the gym use music to inspire themselves towards fitness. Yoga enthusiasts use it to stretch and twist and meditate. Hikers, joggers, and trekkers use music to scale new goals and heights. Even professional athletes take the music pump to push their bodies to their limits. Undoubtedly, music has a deep connection with the body’s performance and healing. 


From time immemorial, humans—and even animals—have turned to music to experience a range of emotions. And as per Ava Bamby, music will always help us live better lives as long as we are beings that breathe and feel, healing wounds we cannot see and elevating the human body to a better place. 

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