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Breaking his silence, thatchillkid unleashes his debut EP “Chill Zone”

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thatchillkid first got his start in spring of 2020 when Lil Xan invited him to be a part of his “Total XANARCHY” which toured across the nation. During this time, thatchillkid still had not released any songs but was stacking up fans along the process. All of this anticipation was soon used for thatchillkid’s biggest drop yet, “Chill Zone”.

“Chill Zone” is the first debut release by thatchillkid and features three well put together singles. His most popular one out of the bunch is his third and closing track “Workout Wish”. The sad melodic song begins with thatchillkid singing a hypnotic melody over a legato-strummed guitar that sets the mood for what’s to come. thatchillkid then comes in with his lyrics about how he’s never felt accepted in society like when he sings the lyrics, “why is this world so tough”.

With a large fan base spilling over from Lil Xan, thatchillkid has been able to easily cross-promote which has helped his EP “Chill Zone” be his biggest release yet.


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