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Chris Lajan Demonstrates His Spectacular Musical Skills His New Song “Shining”

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Chris Lajan dazzled everyone with “Shining.” The song climbs every day to the top of the charts. The funny thing is Chris released his new EP without telling anyone, he just let the music speak for himself. Not only does his music speak for himself but on top of that, all his fans keep talking about it on the internet.

Let’s get back quickly about Chris’s career; He always knew he was destined to become a great musician. Chris Lajan started composing at 15 years old as a self-taught artist. Today he is a truly accomplished musical artist: producer, rapper/singer, and also a songwriter for many other artists. So, there is no coincidence about the success of his music.

“Shining” is played in every club and each day streamed on all music platforms. New listeners join the thousands of die-hard fans. It must be said that Chris’s music is incredibly efficient, who can claim he hasn’t already been enjoying while listening to “Shining”?

Keep up with Chris Lajan by following him on Instagram @chrislajan and listen to him on Spotify below.

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