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Artist Andrew Gomez Is Changing the EDM Scene and Taking 2022 Full Force

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Andrew Gomez is a zealous artist with a remarkably distinctive background. From picking up the guitar at an early age to obsessing with music composition throughout his youth, it was inevitable that he developed a cultivated palette in music since his mother was a singer and his dad was a drummer. His parents exposed him to renowned artists, including legends like The Beatles! However, Andrew found his true calling in DJing early, finding his footing in House and then continuing to find his space in Afro and subsidiary genres––this allowed him to create a more profound experience–– genre-bending mash-ups of some of his favourite tracks as well as finding a sonic identity of his own.


Andrew began achieving traction in the industry, with some fantastic releases fostering crowd support and garnering acclaim. What makes his production work so unique is that the sound Andrew creates is consistently energetic in its rhythm, highlighting his seasoned craftsmanship and musical intentionality––making the song stand out from the herd in a memorable way. The hallmark of great music is how it affects us, makes us think differently while still delivering something artistic and amusing.


Teaming up with Gino opened up even more creative possibilities, as these two talented brothers share profound musical sensibilities, and they know how to sharpen each other’s vision, making for a beautiful partnership through life and art alike. Unfortunately, not many people are as fortunate to have found a perfect creative partner pretty much at birth! The chemistry is there, and it is always undeniable, hitting the mark to perfection.


Furthermore, Andrew’s work led to him teaming up with Ultra Records/Sony Music to release his first single in collaboration with his brother back in 2013. They met a true industry icon not too long after that: Tiesto. He was so impressed with their work that he signed them to a management contract and took them under his wing. The unique partnership allowed them to release charting records and tour the world extensively. Sadly, Gino was diagnosed with cancer, which led the brothers to take a much-needed break and time off to care for Gino, who was undergoing chemo. Thankfully, with the health issues finally a thing of the past, the brothers were able to hit the scene again with newfound energy! In 2021 alone, they hosted Hurry Up Slowly worldwide and even featured massive artists like Diplo, Marco Carola and others.


When facing unexpected obstacles, Andrew Gomez knew that it would take a combination of faith and passion to pull through.  His unfailing resilience led him to develop a stronger sense of character and artistry only life’s trials could refine––now he’s using these past seasons to leverage his career and hone his craft.  Andrew, (who also spearheads the music duo Calussa alongside his brother Gino) promises his fans more profound releases and content geared up for 2022. With everything he’s learned over the past year, it’s undeniable that Andrew is ready to infuse his audience with even more zest and inspiration.


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