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Jacob ‘Trippy Ja’ Walter Trends Top 40 on the YouTube and ITunes Charts

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Record producer Jacob Walter, professionally known as Trippy Ja, recently released his new hit single “Listen to Me” with platinum artists 24hrs and Futuristic. The song charted #39 on iTunes in the first week and dominated top positions on YouTube’s trending charts in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany.

With the newly released single sitting as the 39th most sold song on iTunes in the third week of May, Trippy Ja soon released the highly anticipated music video on YouTube.

Within the first month of uploading, the official music video for “Listen to Me” gained significant popularity in Manchester. Climbing the Youtube charts to #28 in the United Kingdom, the single skyrocketed exponentially, allowing Trippy Ja to secure countless charting positions worldwide.

As “Listen to Me” continued to grow international attention, Trippy Ja soon found his older releases with platinum rappers 24hrs and YBN Nahmir attaining notable traction in the mainstream RnB and hip hop community.

Trippy Ja’s single “Nipsey Blue” featuring 24hrs soon claimed its spot on the international YouTube charts that same week, sitting #51 in the United Kingdom and #92 in Germany.

With both “Listen to Me” and “Nipsey Blue” charting, Trippy Ja announced monumental plans for his next upcoming album that is projected to debut early in 2023.




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