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Million D: The Rapper and Doctor with a Unique Hip-Hop Sound.

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Born Dolev Barshishat, Million D is a hip-hop artist from Israel. He happens to be the first person in his home country to pursue a rap career while also being a full-time medical doctor, combining the two things in his life. Music and medicine, after all, might have a common factor: they both heal people and make them feel better through life!

Million D is quickly growing his fan base, as he has reached millions of views on Youtube, not to mention over 100.000 followers on Instagram and other social media platforms. In other words, it is safe to say that Million D is most definitely not your average rap artist. One of the things that make his work stand out is most definitely the fact that he can tell stories with his music and truly relate to his audience on a different level.

As an artist, Million D is an inspirational rapper who wants to make music with a more positive spin. There is already so much negativity out there in the world, so what Million D really wants to do is to bring a real alternative voice in the world, far from the usual cliches and more in line with being able to make a difference in the world by becoming a positive role model that people can truly look up to. In addition to that, the quality of production that you can aspect from Million D’s music is astonishing. The sound of his music is tailored to perfection, with groundbreaking beats that combine melody and energy in equal doses. Every element in the mix is tailored to perfection. Each release by Million D is a great step forward in the artist’s career, a true testament to what this performer is capable of. Stylistically, Million D’s blend of hip-hop is truly diverse in that his sound feels like a clever combination of old-school vibes and the modern scene, channelling the unique flow of the former, while also the crisp and innovative sounds of the latter. One of the highlights of the artist’s fast-growing career was that his music was indeed featured on MTV. His song “Hakol Tov” became a phenomenal hit in Israel and allowed the artist to reach an even broader audience. This was a big booster for Million D, who found the confidence to keep following his dream and pursue music, while also working as a doctor. Not many people are brave enough to pursue these dual paths, but Million D is making it work to absolute perfection. With such a unique style, it is not surprising to see that Million D is quickly increasing his following home and abroad, with more people continually discovering his magical sounds and his unique approach to rap music, which is probably absolutely one-of-a-kind compared to the work of many other established recording artists in the hip-hop genre today. Million D is following his heart and the success that he is experiencing shows that he is being rewarded for it.

Find out more about Million D, and do not miss out on his music, which is currently available on some of the best digital streaming services out there.

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