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Chasing Chords with Gian Pietro Beltrando

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“Variety is the spice of life.”

This often-quoted adage, that life is interesting because of new and varied experiences, is something we often take for granted.

For Gian Pietro Beltrando, however, this inspired him to go further to follow a life no one believed he could accomplish. At sixteen years old, he left his hometown comune of Savigliano and never looked back. Today, he is a full-time entrepreneur and an up-and-coming musician that travels around the picturesque town of Piasco in Piedmont, Northern Italy.

Although Gian admits that moving as a young man was brash, and almost reckless, he has no regrets regarding the decision, and he sees the move as the first step to his current success. Aside from becoming a hugely-successful entrepreneur, his unique experiences in Piasco also led Gian to his eventual passion for music.

Looking at its picturesque Italian vistas and the one-of-a-kind Salvi harp factory and museum, one can easily see how Piasco can ignite a romantic and artistic fire in any young man. For Gian, this fire manifested in a love for music with a unique style fueled by his experiences in travel and lifestyle. He’s inspired by modern global and Italian music combined with more classical Italian music tradition.

Gian Pietro Beltrando accomplishes the difficult task of unifying these widely-different styles by taking inspiration from Italian orchestral tradition. He sees his music today as a continuation, one that harmonizes widely different styles, genres, and instruments with a unique Italian twist.

Over the years, Gian has gained a following in Piedmont and other areas of Northern Italy as a self-managed recording and performing artist. At the same time, he balances his life with that of a highly-successful, self-employed entrepreneur. Next, Gian hopes to add spice to his life and take a leap of faith by releasing his first album on major streaming sites worldwide.

For more information on this unique and up-and-coming musician, you can follow Gian Pietro Beltrando on Facebookor his Instagram at @g_b__7.

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