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Latin Artist Mz LaLa is a force to be reckoned with

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Mexico native Alejandra “LALA” Bustos is a force to be reckoned with. Having been born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, she was brought to the United States at about 2 years old. Bustos has always had a love for school and education, graduating from UCLA in Psychology and even becoming a math teacher soon after. She is well-respected within her community, having taught math for many years and founding Lala’s Christmas Tree Foundation in 2014. Lala’s Christmas Tree Foundation has donated thousands of Christmas trees around Southern California. Bustos also has an affinity for poetry and has written many poems throughout her life. In 2019, Bustos published her first poetry book titled Children’s Lala-bies: Poetry for the Soul, and its Spanish counterpart, Children’s Lala-bies: Poemas Para El Alma, which serve as a tool for parents to build bonds with their children by reading to them rhymes about real life skills. Bustos encourages positivity, self-love, and courage as well as various other skills that will ultimately build their self-worth so they may go after their hearts’ desires. 

On top of the inspiring work with her book and foundation, LaLa is now releasing her own music. Her single “Chambalera” has racked up over one million views on Youtube. For her latest release, Mz Lala fused together the genres of Reggeaton and Cumbia to create “Bomboncito”. Mz Lala wanted to create a song that inspired women to love themselves no matter their circumstance, and to feel empowered by the incredible women they are. She wants listeners to enjoy the music, creating “Bomboncito” as a fun song to dance and feel joyus to. Lala’s mission is to continue to inspire, empower, and uplift people in a positive way, reaching straight for the heart. 

Mz LaLa’s new song “Bomboncito” is dropping in December. Her children’s poetry books are available on Amazon in all formats and in video format on


Keep up with Mz Lala on social media:

Instagram: @lalasvip

Facebook: La Hora de Lala

Tiktok: @lalasvip

Spotify: Mz LALA

Youtube: Arriba La Vida

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