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Hutch The Drummer Is On The Rise

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Hutch’s favorite genre of music to listen to is R&B. It is easy to see where the love of drums and music that incorporates them well comes from.  

Hutch’s most recent work was a self-titled project. However, he isn’t settling and is set to drop more solo work in January of 2022. 



More than anything else, Hutchloves getting on stage and performing. Of all the stages in the world, he wants to sell out the prestigious Apollo arena the most. But that isn’t his sole performance ambition, as he also dreams of traveling to and performing in South Africa. 


Miguel is a person that Hutchmesses with and can seriously see himself going on tour. And that’s precisely what Hutch sees himself doing in 5 years: touring around the world and performing. 


On the personal life side, Hutch is very much an introvert, giving him more time to practice his drums. His favorite clothing brand is Rick Owens, and he shops at Acne Studios. He is a sucker for Rolls Royce (as we all are) and loves traveling to South Africa.


Hutch is one of the people that benefited from the layoff caused by the pandemic. He says that, like many people, it helped him come to terms with himself as a person and that it was essential for his growth and self-actualization. According to Hutch, he would not be doing what he is doing today that the confidence he is without that time spent fixing himself up.

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